Gift memories, not things: a guide to better gift giving

The gift giving guide

  • Have they mentioned wanting/needing something?
  • Is there a partner/family member/close friend you could ask for a suggestion?
  • Do they have any special interests or something they’d like to learn?
  • What do they like?
  • Are they passionate about a charity/cause?

Buying a good gift checklist

  • Is it useful/pretty/funny-in-the-right-way or just trendy and a gift for the sake of a gift?
  • Do they already have something like this?
  • Would I be happy to receive such a gift (adjusted to my taste)?
  • Will it end up forgotten on the shelf/returned/donated?
  • Am I just buying this on impulse or would it actually make a good gift?



Curious mechanical engineer, Tribology PhD student and a passionate traveller who still believes in dragons and goodness. Blog:

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