Stop, drop and roll,
you’ve got a phone call!
Ping, ring, blink,
notifications, altercations, email communications.

I’m so connected I’m disconnected and my toilet is a network hub.
My mind loves the noise and virtual people,
online meetings and internet drama conceit.
Just like the worst and best candy your brain will ever eat.

Choose silence. Choose life.

Just wait till you grow up, they said.
Things will make sense, you’ll see.

Go to work and drown in a coffee cup, they say now.
I wish I was still a child, clueless and free.

But now the world’s gone mad,
they’re killing the trees and saving the bees,
and they’re taking out my wisdom teeth,
because they’re so wise they grow sideways.

I’d like a little less wisdom with my coffee today, please.

Petra @Erratic Engineeress

Petra @Erratic Engineeress

Curious mechanical engineer, Tribology PhD student and a passionate traveller who still believes in dragons and goodness. Blog: